28 August 2009

Big Sale! Everybody Saves 30% on SilverCrow Creations

http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/Vintage-Celluloid-Blackbird-Flatback-Cabochon_p_1009.html#.VRCB_OEblmMWe know everyone wants to save right now! So, why not save 30% with SilverCrow? Times have been tough for everyone, including us over the last year. We're hanging in there by a thread.

Since January, we've added over 350 new items - some have already sold out! More are coming, too! If only I could type faster to get them all in.

The code for our sale is SAVENOW (expired 8/31/2009).

26 May 2009

Dinner for Two Necklace

Dinner for Two - just the sound of it reminds me of old black and white movies, French food and champagne. But doesn't it just depend on the two having dinner. That's why I'm ever so taken by our Dinner for Two Necklace.

We fell in love with the vintage blackbird component and Tanner made it into this wonderful piece with blush crystals, glass grapes and shimmery black chain.

This necklace is sold out! Thanks!

25 May 2009

Etsy Treasury - We're In!

https://www.etsy.com/listing/26790568/vintage-set-of-4-sweetheart-waxed-ice?ref=listings_manager_gridWe made it to an Etsy Treasury - lots and lots of wonderful Ice Cream Treats! These treasuries are lots of fun, but here's our warning: you can get lost for a long time clicking away through Etsy - even on a themed journey. Unfortunately, Etsy removed this treasury.

We have some Vintage Waxed Ice Cream Cups that the Treasury Maestro included.

http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/search.asp?keyword=ice+cream+spoon&search=GOWe also have some Vintage Wooden Ice Cream Spoons (but they're not in the treasury). Just click the picture and the link will take you there! We no longer have these spoons, but we have other ice cream spoons.
Actually you can also purchase both of these items on SilverCrowCreations.com. We sometimes include bargain groupings of stuff on Etsy of the same stuff we have on SilverCrowCreations.com, but you never know what might or might not be there! We try to get our one of a kinds there, too!

07 May 2009

Kitty BP

Omar, our big baby tomcat, has no fear. He was once afraid of loud noises like thunder and the vacuum, but no longer. He has been diabetic for many of his 15 years. At least, we think he's only 15. At the shelter, all non-kitten cats were 3. So, that's how we've guessed his age.

His cataracts keep Dr. Bebko, director of The Cat Clinic from being able to check his blood pressure through his eyes, so he had to put that little cuff on Omie's arm and measure it just like we have our blood pressure monitored. It was fine, but we just thought it was kinda funny so we thought we'd share the picture with you.

Omar takes insulin shots twice a day and recently had to change insulins - this is the second time in a few years - they keep discontinuing the type he takes and we have to get him used to the new brand. It's not always the easiest thing to do. High blood pressure is terrible, but when he bottoms out - he almost dies. We've been able to save him several times because we noticed his strange behavior and we used glucose gel (made for humans) to boost his balance and then let the emergency folks do the rest. Thank goodness.

Dr. Bebko has taken care of this wonderful kitty since the day Omar rescued us. Thanks to him and a lot of emergency clinics, we hope he'll be around for quite a while longer. He is our joy.

Incidentally, insulin wasn't his only change lately - he had to change cat foods - he now is eating bison & venison dry food (even though he as so few teeth) - because Flossie, one of our greyhounds, can't eat wheat and, no matter what we do to protect Omar's food, Flossie inevitably finds a way to steal some at least once a week! Poor Omie!

06 May 2009

International Date Line

Today is Seis de Mayo, not quite as exciting as yesterday!
You probably have already guessed that we celebrate with a sale and/or a giveaway. Of course we have other sales and other events...but those are ones you can count on.
Way back at the beginning of SilverCrow - we started in 1997 on-line - someone in Hawaii complained - rightfully so, that the end of the holiday doesn't mean 11:59 pm Eastern Time. So, we now celebrate the holiday until it ends at the International Date Line - giving it 7 or 8 more hours after the end our time (and sometimes a little bit more).

01 May 2009

Was this ever hard to publish!!!

Our old-fashioned website makes it tedious for us to add new things. But, rest assured, we have tons of new stuff coming. I already have added these new and vintage things. Even more are coming. I actually posted a ton of pictures out here and tried for 2 hours last night to update this blog - now it worked with only 2 pix. I'll try more later!

We just received two big orders of Day of the Dead figures and other fun stuff. And lots of stuff we had ordered for months is finally coming in.

And, shame on me, there are at least 500 products here that I've not added. Even with our sale, things have been slow here, unfortunately, so I have some extra time to add the fun new stuff.

We have a hard time focusing sometimes because we have so very many interests around here. But, isn't that what makes life fun, after all?

We've been really busy making some new kits, too. Some of us have bought some on Etsy to learn to new things. I was never much for a kit, wanting to have everything bought before I even start. But, it's kinda nice to have everything together in one place - and NOT to buy everything - just in case it's not enjoyable.

Please let us know know what kinds of things you're searching for, we might already have them and we'll move them to the front of the list to sell. If we don't have them, we'll help you find them - the best we can.

Well, I could continue to talk, or I could go back to adding new stuff, so that's what I think I'll do!
Thanks for reading. - Look for an OMAR update soon.

30 April 2009

Cinco de Mayo - Means Sale

Well, tomorrow is already May Day! How did that happen!? In grade school, we used to decorate an altar with flowers and prayers and gifts to celebrate May 1. There are so many holidays for so many cultures around the world, we'd love to celebrate them all! So, even though our sale is for Cinco de Mayo, we'd love to have that represent everyone's Spring!

So, you can save up to 35% with Discount Code VIVA (through 5/5/09) - for details. And, with every order, we're sending a surprise bonus as we usually do, plus a handmade Paper Rose Bouquet. Now, how often do you get a bouquet of a dozen roses!? This bouquet is valued at $3.45. You'll get one with every order!

Combine Orders for a BIGGER Discount
I just got a bunch of new stuff and I'm going to try to add it all to the website in the next 2-3 days, so please keep checking back. If you want to place an order to be sure you get something, but want to order more later to get a bigger discount, just put a note in your comment box when you check out - and we'll combine the orders. But you have to let us know on the first order! Otherwise we might just send it to you too soon! If you end up not placing another one, that's ok, too!

Tough Times
Times have been tough all around, and many of our vendors are giving us better prices, so we're trying to do the same for you. So, please keep watching for better prices. Unfortunately, we can't make bargains retroactive, though.

We're trying to hang in there - after all SilverCrow has been around since 1997 and we want to be around for a long time!

28 April 2009

New SilverCrow Greyhounds on Etsy and More Markdowns

We found so many people asking about our boy Turbo (we sure miss) him and Flossie & Bo-Bo, and discovered a huge group of people who are looking for greyhound-inspired items - vintage and handmade and supplies for handmade items. So, we split out our greyhound stuff and created a new Etsy site: SilverCrow Greyhounds.

We have some other greyhound things that Etsy doesn't allow, because they do not fit the handmade/vintage/supplies criteria. You can find those mixed amongst our other Dogs stuff.

With the slowing economy, we've been hurting, too. And we've found ourselves looking to buy things on sale for personal and business reasons. So, we're going to pass those savings on to you, too. Every few days, I've been moving things to Bargains. I'm always reluctant to do this because Pete & I love everything we sell and want to continue to over a huge variety.

Because we've gotten some better prices on things, we're lowering everyday prices on lots of items. For a while they'll be in the Bargains section, then we'll just remove them from there and make the sale price the everyday low price.

Unfortunately, some prices have gone up, too. If it's just a little bit, we just forget about that and live with it - no reason to pass it on to you. But sometimes, the change is HUGE and we have to mark stuff up. If you notice there's something you wanted that has gone up in price recently (there are only maybe 10 or 15 that have), please let us know via email and we'll see what we can do for you for a special purchase.

23 April 2009

Dead Fairy Kits

And we thought we were just dreaming of faeries and mariposas! Alas, we discovered a sight so strange that many have never beheld such a thing! Out amongst our tulips was a dead faerie! Oh, now don't worry, s/he is still quite fey - still quite the fairy, but just no so alive.

The SilverCrow Dead Fairy Kit (or, Day of the Dead Fairy, if you will) has just about everything you need to create two of your own little fairies! They will stand no more than 2 inches high once you complete them. Each kit arrives with a portrait of our sample. (It is quite well known that it is impossible to photograph live faeries - no matter how tiny your camera!)

After getting our faerie to agree to pose as a model, we created our little sample above. Then, we thought it best to share the fun. So, we added a little kit to SilverCrowCreations.com right before our last sale and was it ever a hit. One of our regular customers, Anne and her daughter Kitty sent a picture of the two they created. They were kind enough to allow us to share theirs (with a few added embellishments of their own). Don't you just love the grass-length glitter-dotted skirts and the sweet rhinestones and flowers!

16 April 2009

Collecting Quotes

I've been collecting quotes most of my life. I've always wanted to be one of those radiant speakers who could pull that right-on-the-money expression out of nowhere. Alas, I've never been able to master that ability. But, I must say, I am pretty great at collecting them. Only minutes ago, I came across this one by Henry David Thoreau. It so touched me that I had to share it:

Nature is so full of genius, full of Divinity:
that not a snowflake escapes
its fashioning hand.

Although this particular quote is not available as a rubber stamp, many more are. You can find them here (along with words and expressions): SilverCrow Quotes & Words as Rubber Stamps. If you want these stamps again, I've listed them under Books in the menu.

06 April 2009

Safety Leaves No Room for Miracles

Wow, what tough times everyone is going through. But just when you're sure you can't take it, you realize that it's not as bad as it could be. At, least that's a fine plan. There is little comfort for many of us right now, but, as my Dad used to say, "it always works out - just not the way you thought it would." I'm pretty sure he was just trying to make me feel better for some whining I was doing, but he was right on target.

After collecting quotes for years, last night I heard my new favorite on tv, but I can't remember which show, or who said it, but it's perfect advice for me:

SAFETY LEAVES NO ROOM FOR MIRACLES I'm a safety freak - so much so that people love to catch me in a safety faux pas. I worry about unlocked doors, open file drawers, sunbeams in mirrors starting fires (it happened to a friend of mine!) But sometimes life just happens, doesn't it?

Enough philosophy for the moment, I just added 26 new items since April 4 and I'm planning on adding a bunch more. Interspersed here are some of the new things I hope to add over the next few days. You know, I even worry that if I don't add new items almost every day, no one will ever look  at http://www.silvercrowcreations.com/ again! But sometimes, life does just get in the way and I get behind. So, my April 6 resolution is to try to add at least 2 things each day. Wish me luck!

We've been considering a contest - one where everyone who enters will win something, but we just can't come up with one clever enough - so, if you have any ideas, please send them to us. We were trying to come up with some clever one-day only sales, too, but our software is just a bit old-fashioned and it would take me 3 or 4 days just to program it - hardly worth it for anyone.

So, that's where the contest comes in and some other fun stuff like new grab bags and our new Bargains page.

01 April 2009

Devil or Angel Update!

I just couldn't believe it! Last night I found the Devil and Angel earrings that I bought my Mom and the little angel and devil statues she used to put out to declare my behavior to my Dad.

So, here they are. (See Devil or Angel? down a little bit for the entire story.) And to think I was really frightened of that little devil so many years ago. It just goes to show you how amazing the power of suggestion is - or maybe, I was just a little kid and wanted to please my parents. Either way, I'm delighted to have found them.

NEW-NEW-NEW Don't Miss This - CLOSEOUTS Page Added and MORE!

I didn't even want to take the time to add a picture! We've just added 2 new SilverCrow pages:

GREEN - Ecologically friendly, recycled, upcycled and save the planet stuff!

BARGAINS - Last chance items - SilverCrowCreations.com is updating it's inventory feature, so we might run out before we have a chance to update the page (especially in the middle of the night!), but we'll do the best we can!

21 March 2009

Devil or Angel?

Anyone familiar with SilverCrow Creations knows how we love the Day of the Dead figurines. This new one that we just added today - CONSCIENCE - is a favorite. Sure, it's fun becuase it represents those conversations inside our heads about right and wrong. But, I truly love this one because of a special set of ceramic figures my Mom & Dad had when I was young. I've been looking for them, but haven't yet found them amongst their treasures. When I do, I'll take a picture.

There was a little angel with (I think) a chenille halo and golden paper wings. If I was a good girl all day, my Mom would set it out on the shelf in the living room for Daddy to see. If, and it was rare, I was naughty, the angel's back would be turned and the devil would be prominent. Now, the devil was sweet looking, too, with a pointed red chenille tail - at least that's how I remember him.

Years later, Joan Rivers sold a pair of Angel-Devil Earrings on QVC and I was delighted to buy them for my Mom. The set had 2 angels and 1 devil. She always wore both angels. I guess I improved with age.

15 March 2009

Bittersweet Days are More than OK

Believe it or not, we just couldn't be happy with just one greyhound. Today we adopted Bo-Bo Duke (far right). He's not even 3 years old yet! His racing history is pretty short. He only raced 9 times and in almost every one of those, he bumped into a competitor. He's a pretty good runner, so we think he just wanted to play with the others.

Maybe he's clumsy, but we think he's just friendly. Everyone seems to be getting along. But this is a bittersweet moment for me: a house was never a home for us without animals - lots of them - this is the way my Mom and Dad would have loved it - a life full of confusion and animals. I just wish they could see all three running around in our yard.

And speaking of my Mom - she did most of our packaging for us. She used to joke that she did the work of 3 people and then paid for our lunch! We sure miss her special cutting skills, too. Any of SilverCrow's products that are trimmed neatly were trimmed by Glady. A small sampling of her handiwork is pictured here.

And Daddy was the ephemera-maker, scouring the volumes of books and periodicals for photos and illustrations. Even with macular degeneration, he could spot those pretty eaisily. Then he assembled the base papers for our packages.

Now we have to do all of this ourselves, or, pay people to do it! Don't worry, the price won't go up (my parents would haunt us!)

I'm sad to say that both BoBo Duke and Flossie have crossed the rainbow bridge and are watching over us from heaven.

01 March 2009

Flossie Settles In & You Can STILL Save up to 35%

Our girl, Dolly, and the old man, Omar, have welcomed Flossie to our gang graciously, despite the the fact that Flossie insists that all the food is hers!

That's Flossie in her fleece coat (it's cold here!) and Dolly rolling around in the SilverCrow back yard tonight. I had the worst time with the flash and both dogs had red & white eyes. So, I did my best.

Flossie has already visited the folks in the neighborhood, and she's been on the road to visit her Aunt Betty in the country! She's truly brought joy to all of our lives after the last few months.

Flossie's sale is going on for one more day - through Monday, 2 March 2009 - through all time zones! Save up to 35% on any on-line order. We know that times are tough for everyone, so why not save a bit of money while we celebrate here.

I'm sorry to report that our dear Flossie has crossed the rainbow bridge. She's watching over us from above now.

25 February 2009

My Worst Fear Realized - My Mom is Gone, too! - Glady

My Mom had just turned 90 on Saturday, January 10. Her only baby sister, Betty, was taken to hospital on Monday, January 12. Pete came home from the hospital the same day!

On January 13, my beautiful, fun and super-talented Mommy died. She had a fainting spell. So, we gathered up her regular hospital stuff (books, puzzles, hearing aids, etc.) and we were off with the 911 paramedic crew. She died in the the Emergency Room at Mon Valley Hospital. She had CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and was in and out of the hospital for tune-ups. We thought this was just another one! It wasn't. How awful. I was devastated - numb - what was happening?

Hardly anyone could believe it - especially me. I should have never spoken aloud my fears, lest they come true - they did.

Another funeral (thanks, Mary Beth!), more people helping. I am still dazed - I haven't even written my thank-you notes yet. But, I will. I promise.

My Mom was the most intelligent person I knew. She was a tough cookie. As Father Michael said in her eulogy, she was "a force to be reckoned with." Everyone laughed because it was absolutely true.

Never was a story told as artfully as when Glady told one. Never was a day more fun than gallivanting with her on shopping trips, sight-seeing, or just visiting. She went on many of my business trips with me in my other (corporate) life and we had such a blast - even went to Mexico and Disneyland, DC and more.

There is way too much for me to write about my beloved Mom and Dad. They were the best friends any kid could want. I was an adopted only child who loved being theirs, never for a minute did I doubt my essence because of the great life they gave me.

During this time, Pete's pneumonia was back and he had to go back to the hospital, Aunt Betty had more traumas (but she's back!) and life went on. Omar had to be rushed to the hospital, too - he's an old cat-man and is diabetic. All this upheaval resulted in low blood sugar. Thanks to Dr. Bebko at the Cat Clinic, I knew what to do - but didn't have time to get there...so the good folks at Valley Vets helped save his life - even made special arrangements for me because of Mommy's funeral.

So, if you've wondered why we're a bit discombobulated at times here at SilverCrow, you now know why. Tyler went back to college. His buddy, Tanner, is now our after-school buddy, and, as always, Valerie is here for us. What would we do without all the wonderful people?

We're almost back to normal. Pete is back up to speed. Omar is well and Dolly is a Dalmatian, so, she's a bit crazy.

Trying-er Times - Hospitals & Turbo & Dolly

The day after Daddy's funeral viewing, Pete was in the hospital. Then - right after my Dad's burial, my Mom, Gladys Balmer Schempp, was rushed to the hospital - probably due to all the stress. That was Friday. On Sunday, 21 December 2009 we had to put our dear Turbo to sleep. See the details in an earlier post.

So, Dolly, came to stay with Omar & me. And, my cousin, Valerie, and my new friend, Tyler, helped me get through the Christmas rush (and after-Christmas rush) of SilverCrow orders. We made a few mistakes, but, thanks to them, we held it together.

After a few weeks, we were able to find someone to rent my parents' home and Dolly and my Mom moved over here with us. Except, the bad news was that Pete was still in the hospital!

We settled in nicely and I sure loved having my Mom here because she's a night owl, too.

Trying Times - First my Daddy - Billy

My biggest fear was to lose both my parents and my dog in the same month. And, unfortunately, that's exactly what happened.

My Mom, Pete & I were about to bake our Christmas cookies - they are very special and we hadn't baked them for years! We had already made the dough and were just going to roll them and bake.

My Mom called and said, "You'd better get over here, Daddy's not breathing." We ran over - after coaxing Turbo back indoors, and she was almost right. He had a very slight breath. I leaned over to kiss him and a tiny tear slipped from his right eye and he was gone. We had already called 911 and a ton of young and older firemen and paramedics arrived. Daddy was a firefighter for over 60 years and well respected and loved. Lucky me, I get the spill-over from him and his friends take care of me, too!

It was like a dream, one of my best friends was gone! At once I was sad and comforted that he was over his suffering - he had lots of stuff wrong at the end. But he looked so peaceful with a little grin (as usual), and all his boys and his family around him.

There was a wonderful funeral with a parade of fire trucks (including his own).

There was a gentleman playing Amazing Grace on his bagpipes and a ton of people even came to the graveside service.

For the last year or so of his life, Daddy used a walker - which he hated - and which he refused to use properly - always leaning back and wobbly saying, "I'm going down!" - but he rarely did. At the graveside, much to Mary Beth's dismay, his urn tumbled down and the whole crowd laughed - how he would have chuckled himself. Mary Beth, director of Rabe's Funeral Home in Donora, did a wonderful job. My Mom and I would have never made it through without her and her wonderful son, Tyler.

My Dad, Karl William Schempp, Jr., was a World War II Calvary veteran and he was the last surviving rescue worker from the infamous Donora Smog, which led to the creation of the EPA and has given way to clean air worldwide. He has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN and has been quoted in the Smithsonian magazine and more.

In the meantime, Pete had to be rushed to the hospital for pneumonia - he was sick and in and out of the hospital for over 2 months! Finally, he's feeling better just now!

24 February 2009

Turbo Update

There is no easy way of saying this, but we lost our darling boy, Turbo, on 21 December 2009.

For a look at Turbo's (aka Rooftop Ringo) racing history, click here Greyhound-Data.com. It traces his genaeology back for centuries and shows a few of our favorite pictures of him.

We didn't really think he had a big problem - he was a bit listless, but we attributed this to his missing Annie's Dad, who died at 91 only 1 week earlier on 14 December 2009.

It wasn't Turbo's cancer, though, it was something unrelated in his spleen. The wonderful doctors at Valley Vets in Belle Vernon, PA, AVETS in Monroeville, PA and at the Ohio State Veterinary Hospital did all they could. They could have operated on him, but he would only have had a few months left after that - and he didn't have any more cancer!

Bill, Annie's Dad, is probably letting him eat chocolate cake up there in dog heaven. Bill would rather be there than in people heaven.