10 August 2008

Where have we been?

Too much has been going on...and we're already behind in our blog promises! We had two family members in the hospital in the last two weeks. So, we've had to run things a bit more slowly than usual. Everyone is home now.

And, we've added a few more items to our new stuff including this cute heart shaped water bottle. We've actually had these in stock for a long time, but didn't have a great picture. But, since this could help out our Turbo during his recovery, we thought it might be a good thing to share.
There are some new markdowns, too. And, more coming, too, as we're working on our new website, we're going to eliminate just a few items that we can't replace once they are gone.
Turbo goes for his second chemotherapy to OSU tomorrow, so wish him luck. He's our good boy and loves the ride. It doesn't seem to make him sick at all...in fact, he loves the attention!