01 August 2008

Turbo's Big Ordeal

We've hinted that Turbo has had some health issues. Well, he was diagnosed with the dreaded osteosarcoma (the bone cancer that kills about 22% of all greyhounds in the USA and even more worldwide.

He had his left front leg amputated several weeks ago and began his chemotherapy this week. This all happened at Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, thanks to Dr. Guillermo Couto, renowned greyhound expert and animal oncologist. We are quite fortunate to have found these brilliant and kind people to help us along the way. We didn't want "The T-Man" to suffer just so we could have him longer. And it seems that he's back on all three's in no time with only a day of sleeping after his chemo. And there are benefactors who fund the chemotherapy for retired racing greyhounds like our boy. We can' thank these wonderful people enough.

Turbo has written his own account of his traumatic last month and we'll post it soon. He's not the greatest speller, so we need to re-read it.

So, if you wonder why we've not been so attentive to the SilverCrow website, that's the reason. Our already complicated lives have become even more amazingly full - but with the best support group around...more about that soon.