16 August 2008

New Stuff Added Tonight

Well (seems like we say, "well" a lot) - maybe it's wishful thinking. We had to take Annie's Mom back to the hospital again with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). It sounds terrible and it is bad, but not as bad as it could be.

Now, they're going to try something in Pittsburgh - a balloon to widen the stenosis of the aortic valve. With so many family members of all species under care, we're increasing our medical vocabulary by leaps and bounds.

Well, back onto the subject. Glady (Mom) sent us home to add more things to our website so that you'd have more to see.

Here's another wonderful hand-painted and hand-lettered j.stone card. The inside reads:

We always love vintage stuff. And, our silver-striped vintage crepe paper was a hit when we were able to sell it by the inch. (We have some more coming....we were lucky enough to find just a few more partial rolls.) But, we love the red just as well - perfect for lots of holidays - Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Christmas and more.

Other new things: vintage flower stamens, unfinished wooden jaguar mask for you to paint, hand-painted reproduction retablo, 10 commandments charm bracelet, cord or rope winder (one-handed), pack of 80+ vintage cigar bands, a new sugar skull mold, Santisima Muerte in Black, Glow-in-the-Dark Skull Temporary Tattoos (only $1.50), a new birthday card from koco ny. All of these can be found on our New Stuff page. Over the last week we had quite a few items return to stock. You can find them on SilverCrow's Back in Stock page.

10 August 2008

Where have we been?

Too much has been going on...and we're already behind in our blog promises! We had two family members in the hospital in the last two weeks. So, we've had to run things a bit more slowly than usual. Everyone is home now.

And, we've added a few more items to our new stuff including this cute heart shaped water bottle. We've actually had these in stock for a long time, but didn't have a great picture. But, since this could help out our Turbo during his recovery, we thought it might be a good thing to share.
There are some new markdowns, too. And, more coming, too, as we're working on our new website, we're going to eliminate just a few items that we can't replace once they are gone.
Turbo goes for his second chemotherapy to OSU tomorrow, so wish him luck. He's our good boy and loves the ride. It doesn't seem to make him sick at all...in fact, he loves the attention!

03 August 2008

SilverCrow on Etsy

SilverCrow offers some one of a kind unique products on Etsy. We used to make one of a kind jewelry and assemblages and sell them locally in the Western Pennsylvania area, but we had our corporate jobs at the time and it was just too hard to keep up. Needless to say, we had a HUGE stash!

We thought someone else might like the stuff and use it - rather than have it just sit around here waiting for us to use it.

02 August 2008

Our Friend Starts 9th Career as Actor

George was murdered in the blockbuster No Country for Old Men. And, now he's an angel in this trailer we found this on YouTube:

The film, Lives of Angels was the winner of Best Short Comedy Award at the 2008 -New York Film Festival.

Who knew that our college buddy would start so many careers and live them so successfully!? You're an inspiration, George Adelo.

01 August 2008

Turbo's Big Ordeal

We've hinted that Turbo has had some health issues. Well, he was diagnosed with the dreaded osteosarcoma (the bone cancer that kills about 22% of all greyhounds in the USA and even more worldwide.

He had his left front leg amputated several weeks ago and began his chemotherapy this week. This all happened at Ohio State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, thanks to Dr. Guillermo Couto, renowned greyhound expert and animal oncologist. We are quite fortunate to have found these brilliant and kind people to help us along the way. We didn't want "The T-Man" to suffer just so we could have him longer. And it seems that he's back on all three's in no time with only a day of sleeping after his chemo. And there are benefactors who fund the chemotherapy for retired racing greyhounds like our boy. We can' thank these wonderful people enough.

Turbo has written his own account of his traumatic last month and we'll post it soon. He's not the greatest speller, so we need to re-read it.

So, if you wonder why we've not been so attentive to the SilverCrow website, that's the reason. Our already complicated lives have become even more amazingly full - but with the best support group around...more about that soon.