31 July 2008

Coming Soon from SilverCrow

It seems that every day we have a new emergency around here. We'll talk about those later. We have great plans that never seem to come to fruition. So, we thought if we wrote them down and published them - they'd become promises - and then we'd be obligated. So here are a few things.

Santos Hand Carved Angel

Saint Francis Pocket Token

Mexican Cowgirls Postcard Set
Piggy Postcard

Turbo's Birthday Sale Extended thru August 1

Turbo's Birthday Sale
is still going strong thanks to popular demand.
Several customers asked us to extend it through paydays today and all day tomorrow (August 1, 2008).
So, we're happy to do that. Save 20% by entering TURBO in the DISCOUNT CODE box.

We're sad to say that our dear Turbo has crossed the rainbow bridge and is watching us from above.

18 July 2008

Turbo's Ordeal

Thursday, July 9, 2008

For the last few days, Turbo has limped. Now, he's been known to limp before. He might have hit his leg while running, or stepped on one of his favorite squeaky love mice in the wrong way, or who knows what?

12 July 2008


In the beginning, this was an empty BLOG.